WomanSpeak Full One Day Intensive


This is a one day intensive workshop that is full of content, depth and also lots of fun!

The practices you will learn are unique and highly effective. Thousands of women around the world have used these practices and teachings to overcome fear, self-doubt and confusion around their messaging to stand up and speak with power, authenticity and influence.

The day will;
* help you to know and feel what you say and share is deeply important and valuable.
* assist you to identify your message from your heart
* help you learn and implement the practices that will give you freedom and the finessed confidence to share your message and voice in any circumstance – work, public, within your community, around a dinner table, and on stage, large or small.
* assist you to rewire your nervous system so that speaking up becomes a of safety, power, joy and freedom
* provide an environment that feels physically, emotionally and culturally safe, supportive and celebratory

The experience and day is transformational!

One off $50 fee for Members Manual

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